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  1. I am deeply saddened by the passing of Arthur. His insightful reviewing at study section and incredible kindness to me, despite our history of competition over PTHrP in the old days, remains an example of scientific and life ethics that I aspire to emulate. Hope the fishing is fine friend!
  2. Hi Joe Thoughtful and interesting comments. The ASBMR Science Policy and Advocacy efforts have for many years been making the very arguments you are outlining for a mixture of project- and investigator-driven research opportunities. As you so rightly identify, a fear is for the development plan of young/new investigators getting into the pipeline for success. With continued advocacy by all ASBMR members, I am hopeful of an improving horizon for research rather than a sunset. It is on on all of us to be aware of the NIH and other funding agencies efforts and do everything we can to info
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