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  1. I met Uri when I was an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Tulane back in 1982. He was invited to speak on Vitamin D by my colleague Marian Walters. I had a growing interest in vitamin D and we hit it off immediately and kept in touch over the years at both ASBMR meetings and the Molecular Pharmacology workshops at Oxford. I always admired his sound judgement and his breadth of knowledge and I will miss our discussions of bone science and life. Rest In Peace, Uri. Gordon Klein
  2. This came as a shock to me. Geoff and I shared an interest in the calcium sensing receptor. He contributed an article to a 2016 special issue of Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology that helped highlight the role of the calcium sensing receptor in inflammation and when I sent him a copy of the finished issue he seemed well pleased. the last time I saw Geoff was at an ECTS meeting in Rome in 2016. He seemed to be in good health and was his usual dynamic self. I will miss him. Gordon Klein
  3. I will miss Sol. He was always interested in what others were doing, always happy to engage in discussion and always looking at a subject from a different angle in order to get you to realize that you hadn't fully considered the subject. Our discussions at ASBMR meetings were always lively and something to look forward to during each meeting. I was glad to see that we were inaugural fellows together. Gordon Klein
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