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  1. Words seem inadequate to express my sadness over the passing of Professor Harry K. Genant. I was personally very lucky to have Harry as my supervisor for 3 years at UCSF. Harry was a great mentor and a real gentleman. He inspired me to pursue my goals and taught me to relentlessly chase innovation. Harry will always be a giant in radiology, and he certainly took the field to new heights. Using the “Genant semiquantitative approach,” a standardized method of evaluating vertebral compression fractures, Harry made significant contributions to pioneering research on quantitative imaging. His work has helped the medical community to better understand bone fragility, determine osteoporotic fracture risk, and assess treatment response in patients with osteoporosis. Harry's ground-breaking achievements will forever serve as a model for us and younger generations on how to create value through innovation. Rest in peace Harry – your spirit will be with us always! Wing P. Chan, MD A short tribute to Harry K. Genant_ASBMR.doc
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