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  1. It is with sadness that we announce the passing of ASBMR member Solomon Posen, M.D., FRACP. A longtime friend and colleague of many, Sol was a pioneer in bone and mineral endocrinology in Australia. His contributions in bone research ranged from basic biochemistry – he described the first means of distinguishing alkaline phosphatase of bone origin – to clinical studies in metabolic bone disease including work in Paget’s disease, osteoporosis, hyperparathyroidism and tumour-induced osteomalacia. Many will remember him for his many questions and observations at various scientific meetings and the ANZBMS Sol Posen Research Award honours his commitment not only to bone and mineral research, but also to the education and mentoring of younger clinicians and scientists. Even after his retirement from the Department of Medicine at Sydney University (Australia) in 1990 and from clinical practice and teaching in 2000, he continued to engage in clinical and academic life from attendance at large international meetings to weekly attendance at North Shore Hospital grand rounds and journal clubs. A memorial service is planned at the Northern Sydney Medical School. Please join us in recognizing Dr. Posen’s contribution to our field by leaving a note, sharing a memory, or contributing a donation in his honor.
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