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Debunking the Queen Bee Syndrome

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The stereotype that female bosses generally set out to undermine female underlyings and may even be a factor in holding them back in their career, otherwise known as the Queen Bee Syndrome is debunked in this recent article from Bloomberg Businessweek entitled “Queen Bees, Mentors, and the Female Boss Problem.” The article examines a recent study from Catalyst, a nonprofit group that focuses on expanding opportunities for women in business, which found that women are not only better than men at helping others—women and men—move up the ladder, but those who sponsored others or developed others earned an additional $25,075 in compensation from 2008 to 2010. Moreover, 73% of those mentors are especially inclined to help women, while only 30 percent of the men were. The goal of this study says Catalyst CEO Ilene Lang, is to “prove the value of paying it forward.”


To view the full article: Brady, Diane, Bloomberg Businessweek, June 13, 2012 – Queen Bees, Mentors, and the Female Boss Problem:


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