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Women Physicians: Choosing a Career in Academic Medicine

Guest Mrs. Earline  Marshall

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Guest Mrs. Earline  Marshall

Welcome to the Resource Center Blog for Women in Bone and Mineral Research! We know there are a large number of members who would like to contribute to ASBMR, and we created this blog as a forum where you can share your thoughts, comments, and suggestions.


We launch this blog with the first article entitled, Women Physicians: Choosing a Career in Academic Medicine by Nicole J. Borges, Anita M. Navarro and Amelia C. Grover. In a small sample size, the researchers found that an interest in teaching was the primary reason and that the decision was serendipitous or circumstantial for women who enter into a career in academic medicine.


We hope you find this article interesting and stimulating for a lively discussion. Please share your thoughts on your experiences, what you consider pros and cons of academic medicine, and any advice you would like to share with young aspiring physician-scientists. Thank you.


Published in the Academic Medicine, Vol. 87, No 1 / January 2012 Women's Committee Blog - Choosing a career in academic medicine.pdf

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